Sexaholics Anonymous Beginners Meeting Script and Handouts

Script for Session 1: SABeginnersMeeting-Session1

Script for Session 2: SABeginnersMeeting-Session2

Session 2 Step 4 Worksheet: SA Beginners Meeting – Session 2 – Step 4 Worksheet

Script for Session 3: SA Beginners Meeting – Session 3

Script for Session 4: SA Beginners Meeting – Session 4

Session 4 Handouts: SA Beginners Meeting – Session 4 – Handout 1, SA Beginners Meeting – Session 4 – Handout 2

I wanted to post a copy of the scripts I use for SA Beginner Meetings.  There are 4 sessions that can take a new comer (or crusty old timer) through all 12 steps.  You can do these in 4 weeks, like old AA used to do, or any other time period that you care to use.  I know in some places they will take people through all 12 steps in a single day.  YMMV.

Since there isn’t a lot of great resources for the Beginner Meeting format I thought having access to a script and associated handouts would be helpful to others.  If you use these scripts drop me a line and let me know.  They are released with no requirements.  You are free to modify them as you see fit and republish them.

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